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Hydrogen Inhalation is going to be a part of The Medicine of The Future

You will discover why Hydrogen should be one of the main first ports

of call of any disease, sickness or anything you can think that maybe weighing someone down.

Hydrogen is the smallest element on the planet and when inhaled it has the ability to penetrate through every cell in the body even reaching the mitochondria, the power house of every cell. Molecular Hydrogen is simply two hydrogen atoms that are bonded together.

It is the prime antioxidant in the body; although, not considered a powerful drug with side effects.  Instead, it helps to return the cell/organ to balanced health. It is also a source of fuel having no toxic byproduct and being 3 times more energy dense than gasoline; so, not only it is an antioxidant in the body it also gives us energy.


Although, hydrogen Is necessary for life, most people are deficient. Each day our bodies are battered with loads of free radicals as allergens, stress, viruses, bacteria, and food additives to name a few. This is serious as about 90% of all our modern ailments are known to be associated with free radicals. The Hydroxyl Radical (-OH) is the worst and plays a major role in more than 70 diseases including cancer, blood vessel diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc.

Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant meaning it only reacts with the harmful free radicals, like -OH. Hydrogen and the nasty -OH radical, are transformed into healthy structured water to moisturize our bodies: (-OH + H2 = H20). So, for those of us who do not drink enough water, this is an easy way to hydrate the body.