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Energize and Heal with Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy
“Hydrogen gas I believe is the most exciting and
profoundly effective antioxidant.”
-Dr. Mercola
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Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen is essential for life. It’s a powerful, naturalantioxidant that fights free radicals, which causeoxidative stress.

Environmental toxins like smog, solar radiation, andchemicals in food and water accelerateinflammation and ageing. Hydrogen combatsinflammation by helping you heal from the insideout.

How it works
Hydrogen is the smallest element on the planet. It can penetrate the body’s cell membranes, including the blood-brain barrier.

Hydrogen is selective. It acts solely on harmful free radicals, such as the hydroxyl radicals (-OH).
-OH is active in 70+ diseases such as cancer,heart disease,Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and diabetes.

Hydrogen seeks out -OH, binds with it,and transforms it into water (H2O).
Hydrogen hydrates the body at the cellular level, helping ease arthritis, joint issues, and RA. It improves skin health and increases overall energy.

About inhalation therapy
Hydrogen inhalation provides direct, natural, nontoxic healing to the body. You inhale the gas through a nasal cannula that rests at the base of your nostrils.

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